• Ultralight Waterproof Watch
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Ultralight Waterproof Watch

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  • Looks and feels like a paper bracelet but actually it is your new watch!
  • A Hi-Tech material - super light, durable and waterproof - even a sudden shower won’t do any harm.
  • The watch fits your wrist so perfectly that you won’t even feel it! But your friends will notice it immediately. It’s a truly unique accessory.
  • Fits small and elegant female wrists (14 cm) as well as bigger male crossfit wrists (19.5 cm), and everything inbetween


Triangles Colorful

Black Marble

Stars Black/White


Ghost Rider

Triangles Blue/Green

Just Black


Can I exchange the battery?

Yes, you can. I will be a bit tricky, but you can manage. We will generate a video for it after the campaign. There's enough time - the battery lasts loooooong!

How long does the battery last exactly?

Depending on your click rate it has about 1 - 2 years on an average pressing-person.

Will the magnet closing system work properly?

Yes, it allows many different sizes and it is strong! Even in the biggest storms - you will not lose your watch.
It's also not wearing out like other closings. Magnets work and work and work. They are so much fun!

How does the display of the Watch work?

The time display of our watch is made from LED lamps which shine through the Tyvek® and use it as a canvas. A little bit like a cinema screen, just from the back.

It doesn’t like bright sunshine. As your smartphone display. So give it some shadow or take it to the bars and clubs with your friends. 

What about the wristband? Does it scratch?

Not at all. Since the material Tyvek® is super smooth it fits your wrist perfectly and you won’t even realize you are wearing it - until your friends ask about your cool & new accessory.

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