LIMBO Electric Gyro - Nextelect
LIMBO Electric Gyro - Nextelect
LIMBO Electric Gyro - Nextelect
LIMBO Electric Gyro - Nextelect

LIMBO Electric Gyro

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What is LIMBO?
Technically, LIMBO is a smart, self-balancing electric gyro, disguised as a beautiful CNC-machined spinning top that spins for hours.

Not technically, LIMBO is pure magic. Just imagine taking an innocent looking spinning top, that looks and feels like any other, give it a spin, waiting for it to fall, but instead of falling- looking at it spin for hours.

 LIMBO doesn't need a special base- as you can see above, any tomato or coin will do :)

With that said, there are lots of advantages to having a LIMBO base:

1. An Elevated Experience. The base was designed specifically for LIMBO, with a surface that has just the right texture and right amount of friction, enabling LIMBO to spin (even more) beautifully and takes care of LIMBO’s point of contact, the tip.

2. Prevents LIMBO from Getting Lost. The base is your LIMBO’s uh, home-base space. And a home-base means you know where it is, displayed beautifully and prominently, not lost amongst all your table things.

3. Your LIMBO Spin-Pad. Unfortunately, most tables are not perfectly balanced :( That’s why after a few minutes, LIMBO often finds itself spinning on the floor. Or on some loud spot on the desk. It's still cool, and a side effect of a top that spins for hours. But we think spinning in place on the desk is even cooler. Maybe we’re just classy like that

Some base details: It’s made from high-quality ABS Plastic and crafted using CNC machining.