GoodPosture Corrective Back Brace - Nextelect
GoodPosture Corrective Back Brace - Nextelect
GoodPosture Corrective Back Brace - Nextelect
GoodPosture Corrective Back Brace - Nextelect

GoodPosture Corrective Back Brace

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De-quasimodo yourself & stand tall!

The modern world with all it glitters &, pose a negative impact on human body, less sports, more sitting & slouching.

Slouching in the long term, makes your muscle memory become impaired, with bad posture, you will look less healthy, not including the disease & other problems that may occur when you slouch too much.🤔

If you want to improve your quality of life, you have start standing upright, sitting upright, maintain the posture. But what if you forget?

If you are really serious with improving your posture. CONSISTENCY is key! That is why we all need this GoodPosture™ Corrective Back Brace.

Wear them everyday, under your clothes, or over, this will hold your posture in the optimal position throughout the day! & yes it is comfortable, fits seamlessly with no signs of extra support!

Take initiatives on your health, stand taller with confidence wearing this GoodPosture™ Corrective Back Brace. Supporting all the right areas to align your neck and spine, the goal is to train to maintain your posture, all the while allowing you to see the end result.

Please See the Measurement Table Below to find your PERFECT FIT:

Belly Button/Midsection Measurement:


Hand wash or cold water on gentle washing machine setting. Hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Remove excess water and air dry away from heat. Don't iron.

This is how you should wear the brace when you first start. When your body gets tired of holding that posture the brace will feel tighter which is a reminder that you need to straighten up and maintain your posture. The brace should not be so tight that it is uncomfortable to wear. Sizing could be an issue if it is too tight from day one. Over time you can tighten the brace to further achieve better posture.

The purpose of the brace is to train your muscles so that they stay in the proper posture. The more you use it the better your posture will be. It took many years to develop your posture, don't expect results overnight. Consistency is key to improving your posture correction.

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