2 in 1 Waist Slimmer Belt - Nextelect
2 in 1 Waist Slimmer Belt - Nextelect
2 in 1 Waist Slimmer Belt - Nextelect
2 in 1 Waist Slimmer Belt - Nextelect

2 in 1 Waist Slimmer Belt

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Instantly Look 2 Sizes Slimmer While Crafting That Gorgeous Hour-glass Shape!

Over 20 000 women have already changed their bodies for good!

EZFit™ 2 in 1 reduces your waist by 4 inches instantly while dual action compression works in the background to melt all the excess fat away!


  • Instantly reduces waist by up to 4 inches so you get an ideal hourglass shape
  • Dual action compression increases sweating on your waist area which burns extra fatty tissues.
  • Helps posture and alleviates back problems.
  • Minimizes food consumption. (some people may see this as a con)
  • Shortness of breath on the first day.
  • Uncomfortable and hard to adopt to on your first day.
  • Waist area can get uncomfortably hot to some people.

Burns fat 20% faster than ANY other belt!

Dual Action Compression is fine-tuned to get rid of unwanted fat by raising your body’s core temperature and stimulating water loss so you can achieve the slender physique that you want.

As Easy As "1 2 3"...

Forget stupid stuff like fitbit and the pain of counting calories! Here's the best part: NO DIET and NO tedious WORKOUTS! It's so easy to use and you'll get amazing results that last!

You will LOVE it's convenience, you can wear it anytime - whether you're at home watching TV, hard at work in the office, or sweating it out in the gym. The end result is the same! You'll look good while minimizing the risks of the health problems that come with being above your ideal weight.  


  • Increases sweat and heat production 
  • Made from latex free neoprene and contoured for lower back support to help alleviate back pain
  • Naturally flexible to adjust to your size and shape, allowing for a full range of motion
  • Comes with fully adjustable Velcro strap that ensures a sturdy and comfortable fit 
  • Contains textured grid inner lining to repel moisture absorption
  • Not available in stores


  • Material: 80%Neoprene, 20%Polyester
  • Length: 23.5 cm
  • Size: S M L XL XXL (Please read our size chart above)
  • Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide

Read What Our Customers Have To Say About It...

Leah J.

Leah is a college undergrad who decided to get a waist trainer along with her friends for workout purposes. “I had to get a new on in less than 3 weeks! My outfits look great and my posture has gotten much better.”

Andrea L

Andrea is a registered nurse that was looking for some help in getting her pre- baby body back after having two adorable kids. She was skeptical as most people are, but she gave it a shot and also worked hard. 7 weeks later, she was almost unrecognizable to her friends. ” all my friends and family were amazed at my results and swore that I had surgery. Little did they know..,”

Octavia C.

Octavia is a Macy’s retail manager. She did not have much doubt but she was not expecting the results she received. ” I’v always had difficulty getting the body I want, but lord was I amazed. I started noticing changes after week and especially loved how it helped my posture.”

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